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Welcome to the internet home of THE MIGHTY JEREMIAHS !! If you found this page, you know who we are, and are looking for our brand of hard-rocking gospel blues, played by the likes of Wet Willie's JIMMY HALL, Kentucky HeadHunters' GREG MARTIN, Taildragger's JON MCGEE & MARK HENDRICKS, and Rufus Huff's DEAN SMITH. Not to mention other guest artists such as BONNIE BRAMLETT and others.


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"The Mighty Jeremiahs make soul-stirring music: The band plays lean and tight, Jimmy Hall sings with unflinching passion, and Greg Martin breaks your heart with every sweet, squawky, stuttering note from his guitar. If you're a Les Paul-through-Marshall fanatic and believe that the ripe, searing sounds of Paul Kossoff with Free, Mick Taylor with the Bluesbreakers, and Fresh Cream-era Eric Clapton represent the apex of Sunburst tone, then don't miss Greg Martin's plangent licks with the Mighty Jeremiahs. Armed with a '58 PAF-loaded Paul and a clutch of old Marshall half-stacks, Martin honed his squawky attack with the Kentucky Headhunters. On this album -- a collection of gospel songs wrapped in a blanket of Memphis soul and loud, hillbilly blues -- he teams up with vocalist Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie) and a punchy rhythm section to deliver an hour of ecstatic 6-string. Hearing Martin pepper his flutey bends and growling bass riffs with pinch harmonics in "Respect Yourself" and "John the Revelator," you just might conclude he's the most toneful Paul-bearer playing today."

--Andy Ellis, senior editor, Guitar Player Magazine

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Gospel songs wrapped in a blanket of Memphis soul and loud, hillbilly blues

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